The Rise of the Dog Friendly Holiday

The rise of the dog friendly holiday is a combination of a few factors, the increasing number of dog owners, our complete love and craziness for our four legged friends and our need to be savvy with our money. Take a dog on holiday and the cost is far, far less than outing them into a kennel with some accommodation even offering a pets stay for free policy. Kennels or home from home dog sitting can be anything from £10 to around £30 per night whereas even some luxury accommodation venues charging a rate of just those figures for a full week stay when coming with their owners.

It has just been reported in The Times, there are now 9 million dogs in the UK in 24 per cent of households and dogs, for the first time in 21 years, have overtaken cats in popularity. It really is the time for dogs with businesses relating to the dog sector opening left, right and centre and even the news that the amount of dog related books due for the Christmas market supersedes cook books! Is this really true that dogs are even more popular than Great British Bake Off??!!! Naturally we here at Nice Doggy blog agree dogs are better than baking but of course, having a passion for dogs AND baking is the best.

dog friendly lake districtIt is then quite understandable that we want our four legged family members to come on holiday with us and the demand has fueled a whole host of businesses opening their doors to dogs or as The Telegraph reported back in April this year, chasing the Hound Pound.

So dog owners have now more choice of places to stay and dog friendly things to do whilst on holiday, they can enjoy their time off with their canine companion and let’s not forget also save money on kennel fees along the way.