Dog Friendlyness at a Cumbria Hotel

Now travelling with dogs brings a whole different perspective to finding the right hotel and most importantly, the right hotel location.

3 years ago we ventured into the world of dog ownership. Mac the Border Collie, this little pup who little did we know at the time, would completely change the main criteria of a hotel search! To add to it, we got Cam, and so are now a 2 dog family.

Mac and Cam go everywhere with us and so in a short amount of time we have got savvy as to what we look for and what we want when we stay in a hotel with them. How great is it that we can go away for 1 night, a weekend or a full week and enjoy walking them, relaxed on our time off. Then there’s the saving of kennel fees and the general worry of them being in one. We love walking and walking without them is just plain odd frankly! Whether we go up to the Isle of Skye or stay more local in the Lake District, both are dog walking paradises.

So to hotels. A dog friendly hotel to us is not simply one which allows dogs in rooms. When we look for a dog friendly hotel we’re looking for private, off road parking so we can safely get M+C in and out of the car. We’re looking for land or safe walking areas for them directly around the hotel for the necessities morning and evening and we’re looking for somewhere where M+C will be made to feel welcome. Oh, and of course, we want a place that us humans like the look of and serve good food!

tebay service hotel m6 motorway

Tebay Services Hotel and sleeping tight

Our last trip with M+C was to the Lake District and we’d had a recommendation for our Border Collie owning friends Dave and Sarah about the┬áTebay Services┬áHotel just off the M6 in Cumbria. So a weekend break was booked, 2 humans, 2 dogs. Couldn’t fault this place and a huge thanks to Dave and Sarah for the tip off.

Hard to imagine really this hotel is the near the motorway but it’s quiet, no passing traffic as it’s set back amongst countryside. A great and huge car park and the absolute best, even signposted dog walking paths and routes from the hotel. M+C would say their best bit about it was the treats they found in the room for them. They’d even put a water bowl in the room which was a nice touch.

So a really wonderful weekend was had by all and the Lake District really is such a fab place for dogs and so handy to get to.

(P.S You need to inform the hotel when you book if you’re taking Fido’s, you don’t want to miss out on the treats now do you! – All details we found on their website