A dog friendly hotel in Cumbria both inside and out

As most dog owners know, it’s not just about the facilities inside the dog friendly hotel that make the decision of where to stay with our four legged friends, outside is as, if not more, important.

Where the hotel is located is a huge factor, it most definitely is for us. For instance, if your dog is used to the quiet then staying somewhere noisy is only going to upset the dog and you and definitely lead to a stressful stay. Of course, the following concerns don’t apply to every dog, some are perfectly adapt to stay and travel in any locations, busy, quiet, town or country.

Some hotels state they are dog friendly but really they just allow dogs in my eyes. With little in the way of grounds or places to safely walk dogs especially earlier in the morning and late at night for the necessaries, makes the experience a bit of a hassle. Having an enclosed garden or even just plenty of off road places to walk right from the hotel door, is great for dogs and their owners.

dog friendly hotel cumbria

Amongst all the grass and countryside nestles the dog friendly Tebay Services Westmorland Hotel

This blog is ultimately focused on the dog friendly holiday aspect of Cumbria and the Lake District but it is worth remembering that the positioning of Cumbria with the M6 motorway running alongside it makes it an excellent place for a long journey break. Breaking up a long journey is even more important when travelling with dogs. They even more so than up need to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and especially when it’s hot, cool down. A motorway services hotel with a difference than many people will be aware of is the Tebay Services Westmorland Hotel. What you may not realise is it is dog friendly. Straight off the motorway yet in the countryside, the hotel has a number of dog friendly bedrooms, a large car park and plenty of grounds for walks with even some special signposted ones. One guest, James Stevens, posted an excellent photo and few words on the hotels Facebook wall earlier this year:

“Jakey boy loves to stay at Tebay Westmorland hotel, the bank opposite the cark park is the perfect place to let off steam before settling down in his room with his humans. He has his own personal water bowl and nibbles, compliments of the hotel’s friendly staff!!!!!”

dog friendly cumbria

Jakey running through the grass outside the Tebay Services Westmorland Hotel

Although I’m sure the nibbles went down amazingly well with Jakey, I also imagine if he could talk (and don’t you wish they could!) he would say he loved the bank of grass to run through and the fresh, Cumbrian air just as much.

Oh, and the hotel is really good for humans too, we’d better not forget to mention that too!