We didn’t need a survey to tell us dogs have become more than man’s best friend

Well for starters also woman’s best friend! According to the survey, 23,000 admit to calling their dog their “Baby”. Now I don’t do that but once in a while I’ll find myself lying in bed with 2 Border Collies keeping my feet warm.

Not that unbelievably it was owners of small breed dogs who shared their beds with their pooches the most. More unbelievably was the amount of St Bernards that hoped on beds. I’m actually quite jealous at the thought of having such a big bed that can accommodate possibly 2 adults and a St Bernard!


Happy as larry on “his” bed!

But all in all this article just goes to show and confirm the UK is a nation of dog lovers and dogs are most definitely part of the family. We share walks with them, laughter with them even holidays with them.

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